Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook: Reviews & Testimonials

Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook Reviews & Testimonials
Readers sharing their creations from the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook on social media. Tag @irenamacri and use #eatdrinkpaleocookbook.

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“Absolutely love this book! It’s permanent is in my kitchen. I page through it daily for inspiration. Every recipe I have made so far was delicious. Definitely should be part of your recipe book collection!” – Rinelda, UK 

“Great book! Great design! Lovingly crafted recipes, this book is in my kitchen as a result! Buy it, read it, use it!” – Darryl Edwards, UK (The Fitness Explorer)

“Congratulations on your beautiful book! I’ve just received my ebook and had a look through it – I’m SO hungry now – and I wanted to say thank you!

“Thank you, not only for doing this, blazing the trail, trialling all the recipes, doing all the work, and making this available … but a HUGE thank you for putting something together that allows me to have alternatives to an acidifying diet of protein, protein, protein.  While eggs, meat, poultry, etc are all great, I’m tired of the Paleo world’s overdosing on them.

Your vegetable and non-meat protein dishes are just glorious!  Can I say too, that I feel I can also pass on the details of your book to my vegetarian friends without cringing / arguing / having to justify the whole Paleo choice – there truly is something for everyone in this book.

You really are a trailblazer and I’m so impressed with this.  I’m going to dash to the shops, buy some ingredients and make myself an absolutely fabulous lunch!”–  Sionnach, Australia

“This is a must-have recipe book for anyone who LOVES FOOD! Period. I own copies of both the digital and the print version, that’s how good it is with plenty of tricks and tips for easy cooking, really tasty and inventive recipes made with truly nutritious food. I also intend to give a couple of copies to some of my gal pals who plan to shake things up in the kitchen whilst keeping with their budget.

I cannot praise this book enough… for the care, passion and dedication with which it was made is reflected in every single–colourful–page.
Extremely good value.” – Miss, Amazon UK

“Received the book yesterday. Thank you so much, a wondrous effort! Really admirable. All the best with more cookbooks to come I hope!”– Christopher Paul Reed, NZ

“Just wanted to say that I bought your ebook today and I am so excited to start cooking. The recipes and photography are amazing. Thank you so much. You can tell you’ve put a lot of thought and hard work into, defiantly has paid off !!”– Hayli Bruce, NSW

“Just downloaded your cookbook and spent the next hour browsing through. I love it! It’s truly unique, it’s filled with delicious recipes pretty much anyone can make, and it definitely brings out the cook in me. Thank you so much!!” – Marinka Bil, Netherlands 

“CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! My cookbook has just been downloaded and it is AMAZING….so much detail, so many delicious recipes and hints and so many wonderful photographs….Thank you, thank you, thank need to do this in hard copy…it would walk off the shelves.”–Deb Davidson, Australia

“Love It!!! Excited to get my link to ‘Eat Drink today.
Everything looks bright and natural – feel like I could reach into my iPad and grab Something to eat.
So many amazing recipes that I can’t decide what to try first. Very happy for you that your dream has been realised!!!” – Amanda Thompson

For someone who has recently gone Paleo and is relatively new to the concept, this book has been a massive help! Instead of just recipes, it gives a thorough introduction, listing what can and what can’t be eaten. Have recommended the book and the lifestyle to friends and family – I lost 1 stone in 3 weeks!! – Danny F, Amazon UK

“I knew from the moment Irena told me she was creating a cookbook that it would be very special– and she has delivered! Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook is a vibrant, colourful illustration of just how tasty Paleo food can be, in a way that is in keeping with my personal philosophy about food and health. You can genuinely see the absolute love and passion she has for creating meals packed with goodness, and full of flavour. Food should be nourishing, it should be a celebration of health and happiness! Eating Paleo is about finding an individualised fit for you and Irena highlights this, giving variations of her creations to cater for an individualised approach.

One of the main concerns I hear from my clients when first familiarising themselves with the Paleo template is that they believe it will be dull, boring food, protein heavy and time consuming to prepare! Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth and Irena showcases perfectly a wonderful mix of fresh seasonal vegetarian and meat dishes and covers the time of day everyone struggles with meal ideas – breakfast! I love the ‘wake up baby’ breakfast section and can see I will be getting good mileage out of some of those recipes! I will definitely be recommending my clients purchase a copy of her cookbook to assist them on their Paleo journey in the kitchen!”– Claire Yates, Australia – Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

“Irena makes paleo fun, easy and above all, delicious. For me, paleo is cooking and eating a variety of nutrient-rich, whole foods so that you don’t even want to eat anything that’s processed, packaged or bought from a store. It’s also about being active and treating your body well. I’ve been following paleo since Irena introduced it to me and I never have to worry about what I can or can’t eat, my weight or my health because I know that if I’m eating real food, everything else takes care of itself.”– Christine Dominguez – Online editor Prevention magazine

“I just looked at your fabulous cookbook and I can’t wait to get cooking! Looks truly awesome. Good job, it’s a winner!” – Sandi Nadine, Australia

“Irena Macri’s book, “Eat Drink Paleo” is a joy to read and the recipes are delicious and so easy to follow. Irena’s understanding of flavours and food combining is extraordinary – many chefs/cooks and commercial eateries could learn a thing or ten from her.

And Paleo isn’t just all about meat, meat and more meat – “Eat Drink Paleo” has recipes for everyone including vegetarians. It’s such a blessing to have this book particularly for anyone with food intolerances – there are some wonderful, interesting and tasty choices – your tastebuds will begin to know what good food really tastes like!

I’m so grateful to Irena for blazing the trail, designing and trialling all the recipes, doing all the hard work and making this glorious book available – you’ll reach for her recipes every single time whether it be lunch for one, family meals or a fancy dinner party – it’s just what we’ve all been waiting for. Thanks, Irena!” – SGH OZ (Amazon)

“First of all, I am not paleo, I a vegetarian who eats seafood every now and then (rarely), but I felt a need to add this book to my cookbook library. It is well-written with lovely images and the recipes are basics that can easily be made into raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc. if you choose. The braised cabbage roll recipe reminds me of an Armenian-style recipe with simple ingredients and classic flavors. Recipes are easy to follow this must have classic, traditional, and healthy cookbook. I am glad I made the purchase, but remember it does take a while to travel from Australia. It is worth the purchase! Happy New Year!” – DLH 55, (Amazon US)

Delicious recipes, which can be cooked wonderfully, without having to be star cook (to begin with). The photos are very attractive, recipes are nicely divided and all provided with nutrients Without industrially processed ingredients, which should nevertheless be available everywhere. Clear recommendation! – June, Amazon Germany (Google translated!)

I love Eat Drink Paleo. Whenever I have a friends/family over and love to cook a good feast I turn to this book. Not only does the food taste amazing and EVERYONE compliments it, but it also leaves you feeling great – NOT bloated, too full, or tired. Nothing but pure bliss. I recently made the pull apart pork taco feast and just loved every bit of it. I have made also the coconut prawns, mussels in lemongrass, Asian chicken cakes, chicken with leek puree and macadamias, banana muffins, choc jaffa rum balls, and of course her amazing marinades. She knows flavour! All her herbs and spices are just so simple but so effective. I really want to make everything in this book and am currently working my way through it. You will not regret this purchase.” – Luella (Amazon US)

“The recipes inside seem to be VERY unique. Not that Paleo cookbooks don’t have their own unique recipes but Irena has taken her recipes to a whole new level. Perhaps this is because she is from Australia and the far majority of Paleo cookbooks are from American authors.

A small sampling of some of the unique recipes that catch my eye:
-double-decker lamingtons
-celeriac remoulade & rare roast beef rolls
-lemony harissa
-kangaroo skewers
-cashew raita
-three butters: lime & coriander, strawberry, simple cafe de Paris
-garlic jam
-aperol spritz
-lychee lemongrass sangria
-sunday bloody mary

Do you see those last 3? All alcohol drinks. I LOVE this. Not many Paleo cookbooks include alcohol drinks. Is alcohol Paleo? No, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. Broccoli, bananas technically aren’t either. There is no doubt that you can enjoy drinks, especially homemade ones and live a healthy lifestyle!

Besides the amazing recipes, the recipe layout is pleasing to the eye and is on unique paper too. The size is not too big (I am not a big fan of big cookbooks) and she gives an overview of what Paleo is in a way that I can agree with. She says it well under the Paleo basics section: “There is no one-size-fits-all paleo diet; it’s more of a framework, which can be tailored to individual needs, goals, body types, sensitivities, lifestyle and budget. It’s about nurturing your body and mind the best you can and, most importantly, it’s not just about the food.”

If you purchase this cookbook yourself then it may very well be the most unique cookbook in your collection! Enjoy. :)” – Todd Dosenberry (Amazon US)

“I purchased this book about a month ago and not only have I eaten some great food but I have also lost 3 kgs. I am converted on the Paleo way to eat. This book gives you some great ideas and the food is really tasty. Highly recommend.” – Dylan (Amazon)

“Great recipes, beautiful presentation and a fun style. If this was just a plain ol’ cookbook, it would be worth buying, but as it gives clever, creative ideas for eating paleo, and all the positive benefits it brings, it’s a must.” – D.J.Parry, Netherlands 

“I can fully agree with the positive reviews. Already while reading the water running in the mouth together and I had at least not the feeling to have to forgo something. Potatoes, noodles, rice. Re-cooking as a novice is fun and the positive effect, because of my years of reflux, the grain intolerance and the histamine and fructose intolerance no more complaints. No heartburn, no irritable bowel problems – for me a complete success.” – Sigrid, Germany (Google translate)

“So pleased to have read what you have to say, decided to buy your cookbook than to just walk in and see it there no worries made me very happy. Ready to try a new way of cooking and eating. Thank you for making it so simple for us regular folk!” – Patti, Australia (Via Facebook)

“Chicken and leek purée with macadamia morsels. An absolute winner for the family cooked by my wonderful husband. Irena your book is awesome!” – Sharon, South Australia (Via Facebook)

“I bought your book for my husband for Valentines Day as he is really enjoying the paleo lifestyle (plus he is a great cook). We made the strawberry butter as we had some strawberries that had to be used. What can I say but absolutely beautiful with paleo banana bread!!!” – also from Sharon, South Australia (via Facebook)

There are some very creative paleo recipes in this book! I love the author’s lasagna and sweet potato fries. She is quite relaxed and does not sweat being 100% paleo, which I appreciate. I highly recommend this cookbook for everyone, especially paleo-eaters! – Mary W, Amazon US

Great pics, easy ingredients and wonderful tasting Paleo meals. Have been very happy with it and have marked several recipes to repeat. – Jam, Amazon US

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