30-Day Low-Carb Challenge

Welcome Aboard!

It’s great to have you join my 30-day low-carb challenge. You can start whenever you’re ready! You can access your PDF guidebook here. Make sure to go through it a few days before you start.

Important! Check your Inbox to make sure you received the Welcome email. Oftentimes, it ends up Spam/Promotions tab or folders. I will be sending all future material and weekly emails to your registered email address. 

Free Low-Carb Challenge

Low-Carb Challenge Rules

  •  Stick to 50-100 grams of total carbohydrates per day. Aim closer to 50 grams on low activity days and 100 grams on days you work out or do lots of walking/gardening.
  •  Low-carb means avoiding pasta, bread, rice, sweets and limiting higher sugar fruit and white potatoes etc.
  • Dairy can be included if you can tolerate it.
  • Alcohol is optional as long as you stay within the daily carbohydrate limit.
  • Coffee is allowed (you’re welcome!).
  • This is not a strict KETO challenge as you can include more nutrient-dense veggies and some fruit. However, you can do Keto during Low-Carb July (staying under 50 grams of carbs) if you wish.
  • Try to get back to healthy habits like daily exercise & staying hydrated.

You will get more details about the challenge rules and a low-carb approach in this challenge guidebook. 

What’s Next?

  • Keep an eye on your email as I will be sending out a downloadable PDF that you can view online or print out. This will include challenge dietary guidelines, meal planners and daily checklist templates.
  • Join my private Facebook group here for extra community support and guidance. If you have any technical issues or you have a question, please email me at [email protected] or post your question in our Facebook group. You can also follow me on Instagram during the challenge.
  • Browse my Low-Carb & Keto-friendly recipes here, although, most of my recipes are moderate to low-carb.

More Resources & Meal Plan Ideas

My ‘WHY’ For Running This Challenge

The first time I decided to run this challenge was because I needed a reset after hitting so many high-carb foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was a new mom and the first 3 months of motherhood were tough with little time to look after me, which meant too much sourdough bread and quick dumplings from the freezer. But, I felt like I could dedicate more time to meal prep and I needed to get this body back into fat-burning mode and get my carb cravings under control. 

Having had success with lower carbohydrate eating in the past, I knew that it’s a great way to induce weight loss, reduce sugar cravings, lower inflammation and get blood sugar levels back under control.

I created this challenge to be fairly self-guided, however, I do provide some ‘coaching’ along the way. By that I mean inspiring you with delicious meals, sharing tips and keeping you motivated to keep going. Plus, this way I hope to stay on track too!

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