Happy Go Paleo Cookbook

Happy Go Paleo
  •  Easy going, flexible, 80/20 approach to paleo. 
  • Complete meals – mains and sides, and delicious one-bowl dinners. 
  • For all occasions – budget meals, quick dinners and weekend feasts, breakfasts, desserts and basics. 
  • Over 100 gluten-free and refined sugar-free recipes. 
  • Expert approved two-week meal plan.
  • My nutritional philosophy and meal planning tips.
  • Nutritional information for each meal.

About Happy Go Paleo Cookbook

“Paleo is often perceived as militant and too hard to sustain on an ongoing basis. In Happy Go Paleo, I showcase a softer approach. Using key paleo guidelines and ingredients as a foundation, I choose to incorporate certain whole foods like buckwheat, white rice, and butter in some of my recipes. I believe that a little paleo goes a long way and everyone can benefit from the diet, but we need to emphasize the need for flexibility and personalization. It’s my ‘80/20’ approach to the paleo way of eating.” Irena xx

Why This Cookbook Is For You

  • You like recipes for complete meals rather than just individual dishes. 
  • You want to improve your health and wellbeing by eating more nutrient-dense foods. 
  • You’re after a less intimidating and less dogmatic approach to healthy eating. 
  • You like the idea of a paleo diet but would like more flexible food options. 
  • You’re gluten or wheat intolerant or you would like to eat more ‘real foods’. 
  • You’re a paleo expert but looking for something fresh. 
  • You want to make food that’s healthy without being boring, bland or too restrictive.

Cookbook Chapters

Happy Go Paleo Inside

My Real-Food Philosophy 

  • What Nourishment Means To Me  
  •  What is Paleo? 
  •  My Favourite Nourishing Foods 
  •  Foods I Avoid Reducing the 
  •  Toxic Load 
  •  Getting Started

Meals & Recipes 

  •  Breakfasts & Lunches 
  •  Nourished In A Hurry 
  •  Cheap Thrills 
  •  Favourite Feasts 
  •  Treats 
  •  Basics 
  •  Two-week Meal Plan & Glossary

Healthy Meal Samples

Healthy Meal Samples

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