25 Low FODMAP Dinner Recipes

In this roundup, I share a few of my favourite low FODMAP dinner recipes. I get it, planning meals around a low FODMAP diet can be tough but with a little creativity and forward planning, and these ideas, you’ll be cooking up a storm without missing those onions and beans.

low fodmap dinner ideas and recipes
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Being on a low FODMAP diet can help heal IBS, SIBO, and more autoimmune issues with the gut. In short, FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates found in various foods, especially fruits and veggies.

Two of the most commonly used high FODMAP foods are onion and garlic which can be tough to avoid when making dinner recipes. While you can get that flavour with infused olive oil or using the green parts of spring onion, most recipes don’t take into account that anyone might want to omit it entirely.

These low FODMAP dinner recipes, on the other hand, have all been tried and tested without the high FODMAP foods at all. Therefore, we’ve got a few winners here including plenty of foods you would expect to have the forbidden ingredients.

Need more resources, check out my low FODMAP diet food list here.

Low FODMAP Dinner Recipes

Low FODMAP Butter Chicken (GF & DF)
Butter chicken is a classic Indian dish that contains a blend of amazing flavours and rich texture. This variation omits dairy entirely and substitutes a much heavier dish with coconut milk instead. This recipe is made in a slow cooker for total ease from start to finish. Finally, there are variations included for both low-FODMAP and medium-FODMAP versions. Get the recipe from A Balanced Belly.
Get the recipe here
One-Pot Chicken & Rice
Who doesn't love a fabulous one-pot meal? This chicken and rice keeps it super simple, which is a high-value asset when you're eating a low FODMAP diet. Keep this one on standby for when you just need everything in one package. Get the recipe from A Saucy Kitchen.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Beef Bolognese
Bolognese is a really simple low FODMAP dinner recipe whether you choose to serve it over regular noodles, zoodles, or your favourite spaghetti alternative. Not every tomato sauce is FODMAP-friendly, but you can rely on this recipe to bring the flavour to the table. Get the recipe from Hint of Helen.
Get the recipe here
Maple Mustard Chicken
This nutritious dish is simple and straightforward, sure to be a contender for regular weeknight meals. It's also budget-friendly and makes for great leftovers. The secret is in the flavour combination of mustard and maple. Get the recipe from A Saucy Kitchen.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken cacciatore is an undeniably delicious and popular Italian dish featuring chicken thighs, a host of veggies, olives, and a herb-heavy sauce. This is a great low FODMAP dinner recipe for entertaining guests or making in a big batch for leftovers. It's also paleo-friendly and gluten-free. Get the recipe from Feed Me Phoebe. 
Get the recipe here
Beef Stew (Slow Cooker Or Instant Pot)
Everyone needs a go-to beef stew, especially those of us who need low FODMAP dinner recipes. You won't be disappointed, as even without FODMAP foods, you can have your favourite one-pot, family-friendly stew on the table. Get the recipe from Fun Without FODMAPs.
Get the recipe here
Italian Zucchini Boats
Stuffed zucchini usually contains onions, but this recipe is FODMAP friendly without sacrificing flavour. These boats are loaded with tasty ingredients and you can swap out sausage for ground beef or whatever you have handy making it pretty versatile. Get the recipe from Paleo Running Momma.
Get the recipe here
Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup
Who doesn't love a great slow cooker recipe? Instead of stuffing bell peppers, you can simply add all the ingredients to the slow cooker and let it work its magic. This hearty recipe has it all – veggies, protein, and starch. This one is great for batch cooking. Get the recipe from Rachel Paul's Food.
Get the recipe here
Crispy Pork Belly With Peanut Sauce & Bok Choy
This delicious recipe is simple in terms of ingredients, but the flavour has that wow factor you might be missing when looking for low FODMAP dinner recipes. From the peanut sauce to tender greens to coconut rice, this meal has it all. Of course, the pork belly is the star of the show with the mouth-watering peanut sauce! Get the recipe from A Little Bit Yummy.
Get the recipe here
Baked Cod Loin With Miso-Red Curry Sauce & Vegetables
If you're missing flavour in your life without FODMAPs, look no further than this beautiful and vibrant seafood dish. Miso is a great way to amp up the excitement of a dish, and roasting the ingredients gives it what it needs to really stand out! Get the recipe from Feed Me Phoebe.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant parm is oh-so-delicious – even without FODMAPs. This recipe is one that requires quite a few pans and a little bit of patience, but the pay-off is so worth it when you have this quintessential Italian dish ready to serve on the dinner table. While this recipe contains dairy, you can always swap them for dairy-free choices. Get the recipe from FODMAP Everyday.
Get the recipe here
Cabbage Fried Rice (Vegetarian)
Fried rice is an inexpensive way to get in some healthy ingredients, use up veggies, and load up with your favourite toppings. This recipe includes FODMAP-friendly cabbage, scrambled eggs which you can omit to make it vegan, and a tasty stir-fry sauce. You can also swap regular white rice for brown rice or cauliflower rice. Get the recipe from Feed Me Phoebe.
Get the recipe here
Pad Thai With Tofu (Gluten-Free & Vegan)
If you love Thai food or noodle dishes, you're likely no stranger to Pad Thai. It's a zesty and flavourful blend of tofu (or chicken if you like), noodles, egg, and the perfect blend of ingredients to make the sauce that gives it its unique taste. It's naturally gluten-free and made with rice noodles, but you can swap them for zoodles to make it low-carb/paleo-friendly too. Get the recipe from Rachel Paul's Food.
Get the recipe here
Low-FODMAP Sweet and Spicy Grilled Shrimp
These low-FODMAP Sweet and Spicy Shrimp are prepared grilled, which adds great flavor and fun to this recipe.  The sweetness of the maple balances the heat from the spices and it tastes amazing. Recipe from Rachel Pauls Food.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie (Paleo, Whole30)
This easy, flavorful low FODMAP Shepherd's Pie recipe made in the Instant Pot can curb your comfort food cravings in less than 45 minutes. Recipe from Good Noms Honey.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Lemon Chicken and Rice
Low FODMAP Lemon Chicken and Rice is a cozy main dish flavored with Italian herbs and fresh lemon juice. This easy supper recipe is made with just seven ingredients in about 30 minutes – great for a busy weeknight. Recipe from Fun Without FODMAP.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Burger Bowls (Keto, Low Carb, Grain-Free)
Boasting deliciously seasoned ground beef, low FODMAP pickles, scallions, crispy bacon, and shredded cheese over lettuce and drizzled with homemade sauce, these burger bowls are so delectable, you'll hardly miss the bun. Recipe from Good Noms Honey.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Baked Bruschetta Chicken
This easy Low FODMAP Baked Bruschetta Chicken recipe features seasoned chicken breasts covered in fresh tomatoes baked in the oven with melted mozzarella cheese. Recipe from Delicious As It Looks.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Enchiladas
Filled with seasoned meat and smothered in a savory red sauce, these enchiladas will be the talk of your dinner table. Recipe from FODMAP Formula.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Pulled Jackfruit Tacos
These yummy low FODMAP pulled jackfruit tacos are super fresh and vibrant and full of veggies. Plus, you get to eat them with your hands which is always fun! Recipe from A Little Bit Yummy.
Get the recipe here
Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole; Gluten-free
This Low-FODMAP Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole combines all our favorite flavors of a Club sandwich, or Cobb salad, but in a casserole with delicious pasta. Recipe from Rachel Pauls Food.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Taco Soup
Another take on Taco Tuesday with an easy Low FODMAP Taco Soup that is ready when you walk in the door. A bowl filled with just enough spice to make it feel like tacos but not enough to keep you up all night with heartburn. Recipe from Loveable Lemons.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Mac & Cheese (Gluten-Free)
This FODMAP friendly mac and cheese is RICH. It is the sugar daddy of intolerance friendly mac and cheese recipes with the twist of truffle oil and festive nutmeg. Recipe from George Eats.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Chili Con Carne
This chili con carne is hearty, super flavorful, satisfying, comforting, not too spicy, healthy and so simple!Perfect to make for a crowd, as it’s especially great for hosting. Or make a batch over the weekend and enjoy it for lunch throughout the week. Recipe from Gluten Free Stories.
Get the recipe here
Low FODMAP Root Vegetable Crumble
If you’ve never tried a savoury crumble before either, then this is your time!! Think stuffing-sorta vibes, with rich, autumnal veggie flavours. A goodie on cold days as a perfect side to your roast or even as your main, served with a big crunchy salad. Recipe from She Can't Eat What.
Get the recipe here

Low FODMAP can be a bit tricky to start with; however, there are so many amazing recipes out there to get your culinary creative juices flowing, and this is just a small handful of those. Who knows, you might even discover a new favourite ingredient to use in your cooking! Which one of these did you like the most?

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