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Once a year, the team at Ultimate Bundles releases a limited time offer for an amazing collection of eBooks and eCourses dedicated to all things healthy living.  I am always eager to see what they pick for the annual bundle and this year I am particularly excited because I am once again included as a contributor and you have the chance to get my 4-Week Paleo Reset program as part of the bundle. Basically, it’s like getting my course at half the price but with 95 other products thrown in.

I love learning from my fellow bloggers, experts and authors. There are so many great resources, courses, tools and books that can help you navigate through pretty much any area of healthy living. But, to be honest, if you want quality stuff that someone’s put real time and effort to research and create – you often have to pay for it. And that’s why I love when the healthy living bundle comes around – I can get a lot of these resources in one place for a super affordable price (only $30!).  Okay, maybe I just love a good bargain, but who doesn’t?

So, let me introduce this year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018.

ultimate healthy living bundle 2018

In a nutshell, it’s an amazing collection of eBooks and eCourses from healthy living experts and real food bloggers, all under one roof.


These resources can help you get fitter, lose weight, improve digestion, balance hormones, get your kids and family healthier, make your home healthier and more environmentally friendly, and provide you with recipes and resources to become a real food kitchen queen or king, and a total meal planning BOSS.

Some reasons why I’m sharing this year’s bundle with you:

  • I am one of the contributors. My popular 4-Week Paleo Reset program, valued at $45USD, is included in the bundle this year!  
  • I know you will get A LOT of value out of the bundle. I’ve been using some of the resources myself for the past month, and loving them (currently doing the Merry Body Yoga & Pilates course). I’ve put together a list of my favourite picks from the bundle below.
  • This bundle only comes around once a year! 
  • I’ve been working with the Ultimate Bundles for the last couple of years and their team is awesome and super professional. They handpick great products and their customer support is top notch!  

Now the bargain part…The combined value of 96 eBooks, eCourses and printables in the bundle this year is over $2,235.95 USD, and for the next 6 days, you can get EVERYTHING for $29.97. That’s 98% off!

What’s the catch? 

There is none. This is a great opportunity for all contributors (including me) to get massive exposure to new audiences and readers, so we are happily providing our eBooks and courses in one easy-to-access bundle for a super affordable price. Everyone benefits and our readers get the best value. 

Once again, there is one thing I have to warn you about!

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018


You’ll be getting access to A LOT of content. It can be a little overwhelming and you might be wondering ‘where do I start?’ and ‘what do I read or use first?’. The truth is that you don’t need to use everything in the bundle to make it worthwhile. I have gone through every eBook, eCourse and worksheet in the bundle and selected a few products that I particularly like or have been using (see pics below). I think the bundle is worth getting for these resources alone.

Here are my top 10 picks from the Healthy Living Bundle

My Favourite Picks From The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

  1. My 4-Week Paleo Reset program ($45) – I may be biased but I reckon you should get the whole bundle so you can get access to my course! This course is best for those starting out a Paleo diet or looking for a longer reset. It includes the 7-Day Paleo Kick Starter, followed by 3 more weeks of paleo meal plans with shopping lists, recipes, and weekend meal prep. Plus, simple weekly fitness challenges. Learn about paleo nutrition and wellness with weekly reading guides and additional resources; plus, bonus recipes and healthy cooking eBooks.
  2. 25 Allergy Friendly Treats by Dena Norton ($9.99)– With 40+ recipes in this ebook, you can enjoy allergy friendly treats—including dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut/coconut-free, and soy-free options—without compromising the flavour! 
  3. Well Fed 30-Minute Paleo Recipes Magazine: Complete Paleo Meals in Half an Hour by Melissa Joulwan ($14.95) – I love, love, love Melissa’s recipes so I was pleased to see this digital magazine with 60 paleo & Whole30 friendly recipes designed to help you eat delicious foods that satisfy your taste buds and healthy habits.
  4. Printable Food & Fitness Trackers by Megan Duesterhaus ($19)– This printable kit includes four pretty, editable, and comprehensive worksheets to help you quickly and easily track your food intake and exercise habits. Honestly, it’s really well designed with weekly and monthly templates. 
  5. The Keto Paleo Cookbook: 53+ Mouth-Watering Recipes To Burn Fat and Nourish Your Body by Louise Hendon ($29.99)  – A full-colour cookbook filled with 53+ delicious recipes that are both paleo and keto compliant. Super useful!
  6. Love Your Adrenals: 7-Day Kickstart by Jules Galloway ($37.00)  – If you need a helping hand to get your health on track, Jules has got your back! This program takes you through the first steps to healing adrenal fatigue, with amazing healthy food, daily activities, plus ninja tips for self-care and stress relief.
  7. MerryBody 4-Week Yoga and Pilates Home Fitness Program by Emma & Carla Papas ($75.00) – MerryBody is a 4-week program that combines Yoga, Pilates and mindset to completely change the way you work out—AND how you feel about yourself. I love The Merrymaker Sisters and everything they do, and this is a real gem. I did the video course in August and really enjoyed it.
  8. The Well Nourished Lunchbox by Georgia Harding ($18.69) – I love this eBook and have been recommending it for over a year now. It’s a fully interactive, beautifully designed ebook that will guide you to pack your kids (or even yourself) a delicious, nutritious lunch, simply and easily.
  9. Debunking PCOS by Nat Kringoudis  ($8.85) – For the ladies, this little gem includes all you need to know to get your hormones back on track to tame those wild ovaries of yours. This is great!
  10. Celebrate: Your Comprehensive Guide to Low-Tox Entertaining by Alexx Stuart ($9.00)  – A low tox entertaining e-book with 37 food and cocktail recipes, tips and resources for you to create less waste when you entertain, decorating ideas, table arrangements and floral inspiration, gift ideas and more. Alexx is an amazing author and low tox expert.

There are many other great resources in categories such as Detox & Reset, Fitness & Weightloss, Healthy Children, Real Food, Alternative Health, Home & Beauty, Pregnancy & Baby, and even Gardening. There are over 1500 recipes in total in the whole bundle (yes, we counted!).

But don’t take my word for it!

You can learn more about the bundle and everything that’s included over at the Ultimate Bundles website. Make sure to check it out now as the sale is only on for 6 days, starting Wednesday, Sep 5 @ 8 a.m. Eastern Time till Monday, Sep 10 @ 11:59 p.m. ET.


Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle - Learn More

In case you’re sitting on the fence about it…

If you buy the bundle and realise it’s not a perfect fit for you, no problem. As always, the bundle comes with a no-hassle, 100% happiness guarantee. Ultimate Bundles team will gladly refund your money if it’s not right for you. Seriously. You have 30 days to test out $2,235 worth of resources with absolutely NO risk of losing your $30.

Feel free to share this post with friends and family if that’s something they’d benefit from.

Thanks for stopping by! Comment below if you have any questions or email the team at the Ultimate Bundles at [email protected].

Get your bundle now!

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