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I have been running my paleo reset program for a couple of years now. There are now three program options available: 7-Day Paleo Kick Starter, 4-Week Paleo Reset, and a complete 8-Week Paleo Reset & Reintroductions plan. Below are some of the testimonials and feedback comments from my past participants of the 4-Week and 8-Week programs.

Disclaimer: The results described are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and followed my paleo program. Your results may differ greatly and no claims, promises or guarantees are being made or implied about the average, typical or expected results of my paleo programs or by following any other information on this site.

“This program has been amazing for me. Not only have I lost weight-I feel so much better. The accountability and sense of community really help. If you are looking for a change that you can stick with I highly recommend this formula.” – Michelle A, USA

“Incredibly well organised and presented by real people with passion and talent. An excellent program. I am experiencing better sleep and digestion, plus I lost some flab and toned up.” – Kanani, New Zealand

“This program has been the kick in the bum I really needed. I was constantly getting sick and not happy with the lingering baby weight after 3 kids, not to mention a lack of motivation in the kitchen. I took the program on as a hobby and immersed myself as completely as I could and it paid off. I was ruthless in making this work for me, I carved out exercise time for myself where I would usually make excuses and kept strictly to the menu, wasn’t hard very yummy and I was never hungry. My family came along for the ride too and they have all reaped the benefits, not to mention my kids are witnessing great role modelling around good food and exercise. 8 weeks later and I feel so incredibly healthy, I lost almost all of the weight I aimed to lose (that sneaky last kg, won’t be with me for long!!). I am loving cooking again and I have the energy for exercise and am fitter and stronger than I have been in forever. The program structure is incredibly thorough and the program designer (Irena) so knowledgeable and engaged. Brilliant!!!! – Andrea M, Australia

“This is a great holistic program that helped me eat healthier and feel better. It can be easily incorporated in busy work and social lives! Many additional topics are incorporated into the program and the support comes just at the right moments when you struggle!” – Friederike B, Switzerland

“Whilst completing the program I have not only noticed physical changes such as weight loss and clearer skin but I have also noticed mental changes. I have so much more energy and my sleep has improved so much. I feel happier and I look forward to the day. The meal plans and recipes are easy to follow and simple to prepare. These are definitely recipes that you will add to your everyday cooking.” – Jayde H, Australia

“The 8-week program provided me with the support and accountability to stay on track with healthy eating and living habits while travelling for four weeks. It was the first long vacation I’ve taken where I didn’t gain any weight! Alex and Irena were very responsive to any questions and the camaraderie of the group kept me engaged in the topics as we worked through the program.” – Nancy, USA

“The 8-week program has improved my health in more ways than I expected. My goal was to eliminate joint pain. What I got was a lot more; better sleep, more energy, greater confidence – overall a HAPPIER body. For anyone looking to improve their overall health in a sustainable, informative, affordable and that fits easily in with everyday life, give this paleo programme a go.” – Susan M, Australia

“The plan provides the information, “how-to”, and communal support to make positive lifestyle changes that are sustainable long term. Everybody has something to gain from this program.” – Melissa D, Australia

” Thank you! I have found these 8 weeks such a valuable experience. It has enabled me to improve my health and well being and shed some weight, which was previously refusing to budge. I highly recommend that others give it a go – I’m sure you will benefit.” – Bronwyn, Australia

“When I embarked on this program, I thought it was going to be so hard to give up coffee, bread, pasta etc, but I was surprised to realise that I haven’t missed it at all. This program has made a difference to my sleep pattern, has reduced the pain in my lower back, to the point that I can now go for long walks without pain, and helped me to start losing weight. I will continue on this journey.” – Gaby S, Australia

“The support and encouragement I received from the coaches and the community were instrumental in the success I experienced. I had been in pain for 5 years and this program was the path that help me start living my life again.The shopping lists and meal plans made it easy to stay on track. I am signing up for another round because I know their support and guidance is helping me to live the life I want to live.” – Vicki H, United States

“My energy gain is unbelievable. I am walking every day and am going to go back to yoga in a few weeks time. I have lost 8 kg over the two programs and I’m happy with that because I don’t feel it is temporary for the first time in my life! This is sustainable people! If you want to feel awesome, energetic, peaceful with yourself and more confident, then this is for you. You may even lose weight, size, and self-doubt. Amazing program!” – Leigh, Australia

“It is the most amazing program I’ve done so far! and I’ve done a bazillion of diets, programs, etc and none of them was as easy to do, with soo many options of tasty meals and none of them focus more on the general well-being than on being perfect on your food choices as other programs do. The community is the most valuable thing of the program.” – Diandra V, Dominican living in Chile

“This is a really well planned and holistic health and wellbeing program which offers fabulous support to reach your goals.” – Joanna F, Australia

“I don’t want the 8 weeks to end! Although the program is almost finished, I know I have made changes to my life for the long-term. I’ve loved the holistic approach in this program. It’s not just a meal plan but makes you really explore all aspects of your lifestyle. I’ve experienced so many positive changes such as improved digestion, no bloating, clear skin, happy mood, more energy, much better sleep and waking up feeling positive and ready for the day! I’ve also lost 6 kgs and know I’m well on my way to a healthy and happy body! The community is so supportive and encouraging throughout and really helped keep me motivated and accountable. I highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to improve their life to be healthy and happy!” – Amber, Australia

“I’m no stranger to ‘clean’ eating, but I really needed to reset my eating habits. This program helped me to get a more appropriate serving size, reduce snacking and increase getting out-and-about! It is definitely a program I’d recommend to anyone whether they are new to this style of eating or very familiar with whole foods.” – Rachel G, Australia

“It is gold!! Pure gold! The “guarantees” it says it will do are 100% true, if you stick to what it says and suggests.  The community of coaches and people. Everyone was honest and encouraging! The laid out weeks with meal plans, shopping lists, articles. Okay, seriously I loved it all!

Digestion is greatly improved. I was 134 pounds before the program and I am down to 124. I am more aware of what my body is telling me, such as beating heart when I eat anything with sugar, rice, and potato skins. I don’t feel guilty anymore if I eat a treat. What else? Oh, the food!!!!! Amazing. I find it hilarious when people hear I eat Paleo and they respond” Oh so bland tasteless food?” Oh if only they knew! ” – Hannah J, USA

“Overall the program is definitely worth it if you participate fully. Follow the program exactly, interact with other members and you’ll be fine. I’d say try not to do too many substitutions unless you’re already very familiar with the paleo way. It works already – it doesn’t need fixing or changing (unless you’re allergic to eat nothing of course!!). I’ll do it again I believe as it’s such a great community.” – Kathy F, New Zealand

“Found the meal plans and recipes to be delicious and nutritious. I enjoyed reading all the articles about health and well being that supplemented the weekly food and exercise plans. Found that I learnt a lot along the way and was encouraged to try foods and activities that I had never experienced before. Feeling great and plan to keep to this style of eating, exercise and adequate sleep.” – Maryann T, Australia

“Testimonials is something I never do but here goes… I am probably the eldest participant at nearly 62. The friendship and encouragement from the other members are fabulous with age and gender no barrier so everyone has something to gain whether it be better to sleep, more energy, more confidence, less weight or whatever your goal is. All involved including coaches ( thanks Alex and Irena) – thank you. Highly recommend for everyone.” – Leigh B, Australia

“What a difference 8 weeks have made. 7 kgs lighter, 10 cms off my waist and a whole swag of new recipes under my belt. It has been a very doable program with great support from the daily emails, and a supportive community. The family have loved the meals and with the very detailed shopping list and meal plans, it has been achievable. I have felt so supported during the course. I’ve had my challenges but am so proud of the changes that I’ve made. I would highly recommend.” – Sandra, Australia

“This program will help you feel better than you ever have in your life. The support I received from both the coaches and the people doing this along with me was just amazing. It’s worth every penny!” – Mary C, USA

“I have loved this program. The course is filled with so much information on not just diet and exercise but on so many other areas that also affect our overall health like sleeping, stress management, how to shop, gut health and so on. What has impressed me the most are two things – the time that has gone into preparing the notes and menus (as they have been of a very high standard) and the time that has gone into providing feedback on Facebook. I feel like the Irena actually knows us and we aren’t just random people.

The recipes have been easy to follow and they cover a wide range of tastes and can easily be swapped around as needed. I have particularly loved the exercises. I found them very challenging at first but have quickly seen progress. It’s not just a program to be on for a few months but it’s aiming to set you up with skills to take forward for the rest of your life. It’s been a great springboard from which to make healthier choices in my life.” – Lisa-Jane S, Australia

“I found the program to be a great choice. This program kept me on track, and I certainly felt like part of a community working and supporting each other. After completing the 8-week program I feel, I have the tools to continue on this lifestyle path for a healthy future.” – Caroll, Canada

“I have found the program to be very supportive and includes so much valuable information for all areas of leading a healthy life. The meals are delicious and the community are always there when needed. Great people and a great program.” – Tracey F, Australia

“There’s great value in the wholeness of the program, from the cleanse to re-introductions…The food plans and recipes are amazing (so much flavor!), the coaching and camaraderie of the participants are so supportive; and, taking it to a higher plane are all the articles and expert resources that are an integral part of each week! Topping it all off, a generally very doable exercise plan. Pretty much everything you need to reset and rebuild a healthier body and lifestyle is included.” – Pamela, USA

“Loved every aspect of the program, great menus, great support and encompasses all aspects of health!” – Deb, Australia

“This was a hard program, but the coaching was supportive and it really helped to reshape my view of what I should be eating and how I felt when I did eat better.” – Rhiannon, USA

“This program helped me to get out of a downward spiral of poor eating, not enough exercise, poor sleep and too much caffeine. With the support of the coaching, online community and healthy eating formula, I have developed a healthier lifestyle that will be easy to sustain. I saw benefits very quickly and more than I had anticipated, such as weight and body fat loss, more energy and a new love of cooking. It wasn’t just me but my husband who ended up benefitting from this program. If you are unsure about giving it a go, dive in – you’ve got nothing to lose!” – Rachel W, Australia

“I was extremely happy with the program. My body was as well – bloating gone, digestion improved and overall I felt more positive. The meal plans were very well designed to provide variety and the shopping list made it so easy to plan for the week ahead. I was even able to get my son and husband involved in cooking a few meals as each recipe was easy to follow. I loved logging my meals as it made me really think about presentation – which is a huge part of eating – like the look of your meal. It also kept me accountable and stopped me straying from the program. 10 out of 10 from me.” – Paula, Australia

“Found the meal plans and recipes to be delicious and nutritious. I enjoyed reading all the articles about health and well being that supplemented the weekly food and exercise plans. Found that I learnt a lot along the way and was encouraged to try foods and activities that I had never experienced before. Feeling great and plan to keep to this style of eating, exercise and adequate sleep.” – Maryann, Australia

“This program is not easy, yet it is easily the best thing I have done for my SELF and wellbeing. I am 100% committed to being in control of staying healthy with conscious eating and exercise habits. It works because of the amazing support given to each participant, and over the 8 weeks old habits are replaced with healthy options.” – Carol R, Australia

“Over the last few years I have cut out refined sugar, reduced wheat and dairy intake and tried to eat a more ‘wholefood’ diet, however, I felt quite lost and struggled to keep it together. The program has enabled me to see the bigger picture instead of getting bogged down in the details and given me confidence in choosing the best foods for my body and my family. The holistic approach to health and wellbeing has been so helpful.” – Kathryn, Australia

“I loved the fact that Alex and Irena were able to reply to our questions and concerns (on FB and via email) quickly; to provide advice and support where needed.” – Sze-Ming, Australia

“I lost 4 out of 5.5kgs I wanted to lose (so happy), I feel so much better in my body am loving fitting my clothes better. I am sleeping better. I am motivated and enjoying cooking for my family again. I have energy to exercise again and did so every day for the last 8 weeks. I have learnt the importance of listening to my body, what I can put into it and how much I can push it. I feel incredibly healthy.” – Andrea M, Australia



“I have lost weight (not my primary goal). Definitely, sleeping a lot better. My joint/muscle pain improved. In fact, the pain in the shoulder I have had for 6 months, is now gone. I have a lot more energy. Overall I feel a lot happier physically and mentally.” – Susan

“I have lost some weight on the program especially around my tummy and chest which is both places I like to see a loss. My sleep is better and my acne is starting clear up. Overall I am feeling pretty energized, healthy and happy.” – Jayde

“Lost 5 kgs. More accountable and mindful of what I fuel my body with.” – Joanna F, Australia

“Today I did my end-of-program weigh in. 16 pounds less of me in this world. A3.4% drop in % body fat and a 3-pound increase in muscle mass. ” – Wendy C.

“I am definitely sleeping better, some days I have more energy and most days I am feeling better and more positive about myself in general. My digestion is also heaps better.” – Leigh

“Little weight loss but more importantly I lost body fat. My running times definitely improved and I lost my jellybean addiction!!!” – Kathy F, New Zealand

“I definitely have gained energy, lost weight, I feel better overall. Following this plan has helped me deal with my food allergies and I feel so much better. I know that I can easily stay with this lifestyle change and couldn’t be happier.” – Michelle A, USA

“I just really wanted to share how amazing I’m feeling. A huge thank you to the team especially Alexandra Barone & Irena Macri!! I’m loving the program so far, and I love having the accountability of the photo journal. Its also a great reminder for me how easy it is to eat well with good healthy colourful food. Loving it! Not sure if I’ve lost any weight as after a life time of “dieting” (from the age of 8!!!) I finally cut the chains and threw the scales away recently…..Now all I need to know & focus on is how good I feel …. even though I’ve been going through a super tough time with work stress issues lately, I seem to be handling it better cause I feel so fricken awesome. PS. I did just buy myself a beautiful fancy new dress to celebrate” – Anita

“I have significantly less pain. That is a huge cause of the pain has ruled my life for the last 5 years. Next time I want to focus on weight loss because I know it will help my joint pain.” – Vicki H, United States

“I stumbled upon the program by complete accident but everything happens for a reason and here I am. I will be honest I did umm and ahh about if I should do this challenge and YES it is the best thing I did. I walked into this total naive and with a totally different mindset. I joined wholly just to drop weight. Now I am laughing at that mindset and how much I have grown. This program is about health and well being. Mentally, physically and emotionally it has been my saviour. Yes I have dropped weight but as the weeks passed my priorities changed. My priorities became about learning about the Paleo lifestyle and its benefits. The recipes have been fantastic and I am now mindful of inflammation within my body, which my chiropractor even commented had lessened. Foods that actually do not agree with me and I have now found better replacements for.

As we only have one week left for this challenge it may be goodbye to all but I can say it will never be goodbye to all that I have learnt. This is a lifestyle that I will continue forever. Yes I need to get some recipe books to help me and yes I need to learn so much more about Paleo but these are all easy fixes.
Did I hit my goal weight…..NO? Does this worry me…..NO. Will I get there…..YES. Have I benefited from this program….YES. Did I learn so much more than expect……YES. Is this important to keep in my life forever…..YES.
Thank you, Irena, for the awesome meals that my family and I just could not get enough of and all the help and support. Thank you, Alex, for your honest postings and mentoring that this program needs. Your help and support have been great. You both work so well together and have made this entire 8 weeks a breeze.
 Thank you, everyone. Good Luck and enjoy.” – Linda D

“Psoriasis cleared up, lost 6 lb and 3% body fat, learned to eat a proper plated meal. Very supportive.” -Beverly B, US

“Weight loss, muscle gain and a great feeling of achievement and well being. Happy Body Formula is a great name for this program” -Carol R, Australia

“I have lost 7kg having been unable to do so for a few years despite trying other meal plans. I feel healthier and happier than I have for a long time. I am doing more and being more active in general. I’m so happy about all of that – thank you” – Bronwyn

“My entire body feels better, from head to toe. My hormones are more balanced, my immune system is stronger, and my mental well-being is great.” – Mary C, USA

“Have lost 3 kgs and feel like I have much more energy. Skin looks great and feels motivated to keep trying to have meal plans organised and make time for batch cooking which I have found to be very helpful with meal prep during the busy weekdays.” – Maryann, Australia

“One of the reasons I joined the program was to gain more understanding of the healthy, paleo-inspired lifestyle as I am quite new to it all. I was following what I thought was a healthy lifestyle and just thought bloating and poor digestion was something I had to put up with. This is not so!! Apart from one sluggish week, I have been feeling amazing. Digestion has definitely improved. I believe I have toned up all over. My overall sense of wellbeing has been amazing, which has contributed to more self-confidence. I feel confident also in knowing that my lifestyle is one that I can maintain for the rest of my life. I love the food and I love how much I am learning from the articles and other people in the program.” – Tracey

“Where do I start?  Digestion is greatly improved. Still have some room for improvement but I’m not crunched over in pain like before.  I’ve taken it seriously to put my phone down before bed (about 75% of the time) and read a book instead. I fall asleep faster and am sleeping so much better.

I was 134 pounds before the program (the most I have weighed and for my height, not a good weight). My goal was to get back to 120. I am at 124! Simply because of changing my eating habits. Even though I’m 4 pounds off I feel great and love my body once again!
My husband has been bugging me about drinking water since we were married (8years) and I was horrible at drinking enough, that is until HBF. I carry my 32oz jug with me everywhere and drink at least 2 jugs a day, many times more. I can tell (physically and mentally) if I haven’t drunk enough.

So I am also more aware of what my body is telling me, such as beating heart when I eat anything with sugar, rice, and potato skins.  I don’t feel guilty anymore if I eat a treat. Rather I have self-talk and plan to do better the next time. I also love saying “I don’t eat that”.

Now last but not least, the food. Oh, the food!!!!! Amazing. I find it hilarious when people hear I eat Paleo and they respond”Oh so bland tasteless food?” Oh if only they knew! :)” – Hannah J, USA

“Better skin! More energy! Feeling great! People asking whether I lost weight :)” – Friederike

“7.30 am – been for my walk, bone broth on and carrot and ginger muffins in the oven. Who is this new woman? Before I started HBF I’d be dragging myself out of bed at 8.00 am. Am sleeping better. Most nights 6 & 1/2 – 7 hours without waking up 3 or 4 times. Waking more refreshed. Yay. Thanks, team.” – Rosemarie

“So everyone I have an announcement! I am wearing jeans that haven’t fit me in years!!!!!” – Jodi

“Need to say a big thank you to for all your help & support over the past 9 weeks of HBF. I have loved your program!
It has been so worthwhile with such tasty & delicious food and fabulous advice along the way. My body has felt great and I lost 4 kg in what felt like a very easy way. I also really appreciated the feedback from fellow participants & yourselves via email and Facebook. Thanks to all! I look forward to this journey continuing” – Leesa

“I am in such a better place than when I started. The small changes have added up and I’ve lost weight, gained energy and helped improve my mental health. I’ve felt like I’ve had so many small wins and been encouraged to keep on improving my health and well being.” – Sandra, Australia

“I have lost around 4kg, which is really the icing on the cake. My main reason for doing the program was to get inspiration and take the guesswork out of providing healthy meals for my family, and I have achieved that. Our lunches are much better – not just an afterthought. I don’t even need to put a huge amount of effort into them – because I now have the knowledge and inspiration to put something wholesome, but easy, together.” – Kathryn, Australia

“Have lost 3 kgs and feel like I have much more energy. Skin looks great and feels motivated to keep trying to have meal plans organised and make time for batch cooking which I have found to be very helpful with meal prep during the busy weekdays.” – Maryann T


Irena Macri
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